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Brand Development, Private label specialist in sourcing Italian quality food products.

Many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the Italian food & drink sector.

Supply of Italian products, working closely with customers in developing their 'Brand' of own label in classic Italian essentials or unique food & drink range."Innovations Made Easy .We go beyond the conventional market trends providing you always with innovative ideas of tomorrow’s foods… today! ”

We believe in a two-way Collaboration and gladly assist in the Production of new dishes even per client’s own recipes. Italian Food coaching, innovative out the box thinking delivering solutions where others fail ,providing creative solutions to customers challenges looking for quality, price and bespoke solutions because...We will gladly consult and collaborate with our expertise in the production of many Italian and Mediterranean recipes.

Our producers strive to use typical products so to unify and preserve the Italian culinary tradition we are also interested in evolving and producing our client’s own label requirements. We accept and act on any comments or suggestion the client might have.